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Sunday. March 13.
Well, I start Day 4 of Air Assault School tomorrow. Yey! (Not) lol. We're going to Lousiana for some training next month. That might be fun. As long as it's urban operations. That's good stuff. I still have to get ready for it. Kind of hard since I'm using most of my stuff for Air Assault School, but meh. I'm definitly going to stock up on candy and cigaretts before we go. I'll have everyone else wrapped around my finger *evil laughs*. More importantly though, I get to go home for 5 days at the end of the month. Ooooo I got so much planned for that. Hehe. Good times. Good times. Oh! So, 1st and 3rd Brigade's equipment is starting to show up at the railroad station here on post. That means they'll be deploying shortly. With us and 2nd Brigade not far behind. It's about time we get going. I want to get over there and do my job. And with the intense training I've recieved here in the 101st, I'm absolutely sure I'll be fine over there. This is such a great unit to be fighting with. I'm proud of these guys. Oh, if you could only understand. It's amazing.
Well, that's about it for tonight.